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14 Year Anniversary Party in China

I left for Asia on Sunday and have been country hopping every couple of nights since. I started the trip in Vietnam, where I wore the same gross travel clothes for 4 days in a row because my baggage was lost in-route from Denver. Luckily, my suitcase arrived at my last hotel on the final night of my stay in Hanoi, so I could bring it along with me to China!

Today was the 14-year Anniversary of our factory partner in China, and we got the amazing opportunity to be part of their celebrations. During the afternoon at the office, they had Lion Dancers come around to bless all of the factory buildings and promote good Feng Shui. I've seen this in movies before, but getting to see it up close and in-person IN CHINA was amazing!

After the day was over, we jumped on the bus with our team and rode over to their celebration dinner. They honored us by putting us at the head table, and announced our presence at the party with pride and introductions all around. It was one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time, full of tons of laughter and smiles.

We have one more day in China before we go on to Bangkok, Thailand. I cannot wait to get there! We have this upcoming Sunday off in Bangkok to do some exploring and take a little personal time in the middle of our trip. And I can tell you that we are going to deserve that day off when it comes! I've been working 18 hour days and this is my fourth hotel room in just five nights... More pictures to come when I can, as I'm sure Thailand is going to be an adventure day out and about!

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