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Almost Finished with the Home Office

I was able to use the President's Day weekend to get oh-so-close to finishing my office, and getting the trainers set up in their own space. The desk is the final piece that needs to be finished, and it is just not quite dry enough to bring upstairs yet. But once it is put into place, I should be able to finish organizing the room and putting everything away.

I did, however, finally get the desk all stained and finished. I had been avoiding it for fear that the stain wouldn't provide the appearance that I was wanting on the desk. But after spending a day of giving it some love, I really think it turned out great! Maybe not quite perfect in technique, but I'm happy with the results.

Now that I have all of my books and art supplies back in my office, I was able to set up the spare room with our exercise room flooring and get the trainers set up. I spent a long 90 minutes in there on my bike today, and was glad that I was finally out of the middle of our living room! It still leaves a slight dilemma, as the room still doubles as our guest room... But it should be manageable until we win the lottery and we can finish our basement into a better workout room. Ha!

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