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Bike Ride in the Black Forest

During my visit to Germany, I was hosted on an epic bike ride through the Black Forest. It was easily one of the most difficult bike rides I've ever done (although that's not saying a whole lot...) For almost 2 hours, we climbed up and down and then up, up, up some more into the hills. And then we swept around gorgeous long curves of road to get back down into town for about 30 minutes.

After evaluating the data from my ride, there were spots of climbing that reached into the high teens of percentage grade, and we averaged almost 9% from the bottom to the top of the climb! The women I rode with were extremely accommodating, with one of my co-workers helping me up the climbs every step of the way. I couldn't have finished without her...

The views throughout the ride were amazing. The pictures here don't even do it justice.

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