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Bravo, Ohio

Yesterday was our second attempt to become official Coloradans. Our first venture to register the car to Colorado and get new drivers' licenses was kind of a bust. After discovering that all but two of the many listed DMV locations on the Colorado government website don't even exist, we only arrived at the true location with an hour left in their day. Needless to say, the line was overflowing out the door, and it was looking like a 2-3 hour wait until they called our numbers. So we went in for attempt number two yesterday morning. We arrived twenty minutes before they even opened, and stood in a line that already wrapped around the hallway outside the entrance. Luckily, we were fifth and sixth in line, so it only took them a FULL HOUR to get us processed. Seriously - an hour for the fifth and sixth person in line that morning. And after all of that, we still only walked out with a piece of paper, hoping that the bars and airport would accept this as our official ID for the next 30 days.

I am horrified to report that this was almost identical to the DMV situation that we had to go through in Texas, just two years ago. Go to the office, wait in line for half an hour just to get a number, then wait for multiple hours until anything productive happens. When they finally do call your number, it takes all of three minutes to have them put your information in the computer, check that your eyes work, and take your picture. And just like Colorado, Texas also only gives you a piece of paper, assuring you that it will be fine for your husband who travels every weekend from Ohio to Texas. This folded piece of paper is just as good as any laminated, hologrammed piece of sturdy plastic. Of course it is!

Both of these situations made me long for my home state of Ohio. I have no idea how they've risen SO FAR above such states like Texas and Colorado, but they have their process down! I've never had to take a number at any Ohio DMV, and the lines are usually a single roped off area. I can only remember waiting behind maybe five or six people at the most, and when they are all done, they GIVE YOU YOUR LICENSE!! What a novel idea, right? So I wanted to say, "Bravo to the Buckeye State!" We had no idea how good we had it...

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