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Broken and Lost Keys

Today was an interesting day. I started my morning trying to pack up my car with bags from the hotel, getting ready to take them over to the new apartment as I slowly move myself over there. Over four trips to the car, I forgot my room key in my room twice. My embarrassment of having to go to the front desk and ask for a new key once was eclipsed by the complete stupidity I felt when I had to go back again ten minutes later.

I chalked it up to a busy mind, too much going on, and no coffee running through my system yet.

I had a decent day at work, FINALLY installing my new pattern software and getting my new laptop set up with correct server connection and monitor connections. I stayed a little late, and headed to the apartment to drop off my morning's packed bags. Check, check, check.

As I went to turn the key in the apartment front door, I let out a little yelp as the key completely broke in half. The end just snapped right off in the lock! So I stood there staring at the door for a full minute, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do now. Luckily, I'd put my hair up with bobby pins this morning, so I was able to unbend one and pick out the broken key from the lock. I'm sure I looked super legit, working at my front door lock with a bobby pin. But I don't think anybody saw me... Hopefully!

Ok, what to do, what to do. Walk over to the office and see if (by some miracle) the land-lady decided to stay late tonight. No luck. Say a little thank you to the universe that I didn't totally panic and also lock the garage door on myself, or I would have been seriously screwed. We have a second key and I'm pretty sure it's inside the apartment. But there's a small chance it's actually back at the hotel! Jump in the car and drive to the hotel, crossing fingers and toes that it's there.

The key is not here. Call the hubs and see if he has any brilliant ideas, and of course he does. Use some logic and determine if it's really necessary to go back over there today. It's not. I was just dropping stuff off, but nothing was urgent. So I'll just take stuff back over on Monday when I'm back from Denver, and ask the land-lady to let me in then.

Now to just UN-pack the car of all the bags, and bring them back into the hotel room for the weekend. One, two, three trips again. Forgot my freaking hotel room key in the room!! I can't believe it, what is wrong with me? Go get replacement key number three for the day, and finally camp out with the Olympics on TV, a cup of soup and a beer. I think I'll just stay in this chair until I go to bed...

In dreams, when a person sees broken or lost keys, it can indicate a negative separation with something important in their lives. But this wasn't a bad dream, it was happening in real life... So I'm either just too stressed to keep my small wits about me on a minute to minute basis. Or I'm somehow manifesting a dream-like scenario into real life by feeling the seriousness of being 1300 miles away from my heart. I guess it could be a little bit of both...

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