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California, Here We Come!

Less than a week after we got home from Indiana, we set back out in the car for a road trip to our new digs in California. We packed the car as full as we could get it, anticipating that I might be out here by myself for a while, needing an air mattress, all my clothes, and some small furniture pieces to get by. Our first day was shorter, as we started North for Salt Lake City. We'd never been to the area, and we thought it might be a more scenic route for us. We were pleasantly surprised with the terrain and how easy it was to enjoy our surroundings through Wyoming and Utah. We arrived in Salt Lake City in the early afternoon, with plenty of time to enjoy a long, lazy dinner at a brewpub downtown.

The next day was much longer, over 11 hours in the car to arrive in Morgan Hill. Luckily, the scenery was once again beautiful and we didn't really hit traffic until we started to hit San Francisco, then San Jose. Through the mountainous areas, the driving got tricky, but the hubs was awesome and took over for me through the switchbacks.

I'm at a local hotel here until I can move into the new apartment this weekend. It's not been too bad, but it did take some creativity to find a way to unpack all of my belongings here. The little room is lonely, but at least I have a bed and a TV for now. It will be interesting when my time here is up, and things become a little more sparse in the apartment.

The job has started out great. and I'm already finding myself busy with work every day. I'm happy to be jumping right into my role, not spending my first few weeks bored and wondering how I can help. I'm hoping this only continues to get better and better, and the move and all this is worth it. We're still working toward selling the house, and hopefully it goes sooner rather than later. I'd like to get my husband out here with me soon, and start our new California adventure!

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