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Catching Up

I'm sitting here in my hotel room in the capital city of El Salvador, waiting to meet my team for dinner, and thought I would use a rare 30 free minutes to update our blog. But now that I'm sitting here typing, I'm not quite sure what to put in this update... Work has become crazy hectic for me these last six months. I took on a bigger role on our team back in March, and it has been a non-stop whirlwind of change and constant movement ever since. My brain gets filled up to its full capacity every single day, and the evenings are spent with the hubs, trying to make myself forget about the details of the day and relax. Traveling this week to San Salvador has proven to be challenging. When I don't get that evening time at home, I find myself working late into the night. It just never ends.

The funniest part about all of the stress and difficulty in this job, is that I love it. There are certainly days that are frustrating, and people that are frustrating. But it's been a long time since I felt so challenged and pushed to be the best that I can be in a work environment. I see the accomplishments of our work every day, and it feels very rewarding to be a big part of all this positive change.

I guess it's this busy work life that's kept me from feeling the need to send updates here. It's not exactly exciting to report on how well my projects are going at work or how a meeting turned out. And I've been making a specific commitment to myself to allow my free time to be non-regimented in any way. I have to be able to unwind in the evenings and on the weekends to be my best throughout the week. So I'm boring. haha I spend evenings watching cooking shows, Jeopardy and whatever is new on Netflix. On the weekends, I lay by the pool, reading books and listening to music. One of these days, I'll be getting back on my bike to train for more triathlons. After almost a year off from training, I'm starting to feel "the bug" again... But it's taken me a while to get there after my 70.3 last July.

Maybe I'll have more to post someday soon. In the meantime, just know that all is going well out in California for us. We're busy, but happy. Drivers here are crazy, and the roads suck. Cycling is scary out on the crazy roads with the mean drivers, but we still go do it. And we can't complain about a winter that didn't have any snow... So life can't really be too bad.

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