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Coffee Snob

This week, I wanted to do a feature of my favorite coffee shop in Santa Cruz, Verve. My husband and I start each and every morning with an espresso, and after trying many different kinds of coffee beans, we are officially hooked on Verve! There is always a bag of whole beans in our house, and we grind them for our morning fix fresh every day.

If it wasn’t starting to become obvious, I’m a bit of an admitted coffee “snob.” After a few years traveling to Italy for work, I became hooked on the ritual of having a high quality cup of caffeine in the morning to start my day. In the Summer of 2017, I had just come home from a trip to Venice and my husband made us our daily pot of coffee, as usual. I’m not sure what came over me that day, but I decided that we just had to upgrade our experience!

I marched right out to a Williams Sonoma that afternoon and purchased a little Breville Espresso Machine to replace our traditional coffee maker. We have not looked back a day since. My husband has become an expert at the pressing, steaming and frothing processes that provide a much better tasting drink every morning.

Because we can taste the coffee beans in such an amplified way now, it’s very important that we find good coffee wherever we live. Some are too oily to make a great espresso, and others are flavored too strongly for what we like. It’s been many years of experimentation to get us to find Verve and the variety it offers every single week!

If you’re feeling ready to step up your coffee routine, I highly recommend our Breville Espresso maker. It had issues with parts a few years after we bought it and Breville fixed the machine for us without questions! Whenever we’re ready to upgrade again, we’ll likely be sticking with them as a brand for their amazing customer service and products.

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