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Cycling Pros in Colorado

One of our first Colorado highlights was getting the chance to see the US Pro Cycling Challenge in person. The 7 day race came through Boulder on Saturday, August 25th, so the hubs and I decided to trek over that way to see them up close. We started out downtown Boulder, on Pearl Street. The race was scheduled to pass by us on 7th Street, so we shimmied our way to the front of the crowd, and leaned against the railing.

Crowd Along 7th Street

I probably had a better view than the hubs, but I just remember screaming as they flew by at 25+ miles per hour! Tejay van Garderen was holding the lead that day, so when he passed by, the crowd went crazy!!

After we re-lived the experience twenty more times over lunch at our favorite place, we decided to walk over to Baseline Road. This is where the final climb of the day's race would start. Apparently, we weren't the only ones with the same idea. We walked with crowds toward Chautauqua Park, and waited by the side of the road. George Hincapie flew right past me. I had my fists flying in delight (lil' sister's "MO" style), and probably came a little too close. Glad I didn't end up "one of those people" who knocks a cyclist off his bike during a race. Especially because it was George's last race in a very impressive career.

We took the bus home after the events, and I got a little emotional. The excitement of the day was enveloping, and I started to feel very sad about never getting a chance to see George race like that again. But we will definitely be going back next year. Maybe VIP on top of the Flagstaff finish? haha

If you look closely, you can see people lining the road all the way up the side of the mountain pass!!

Jens Voight's bike: famously painted with "SHUT UP LEGS."

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