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Early Summer Race Report

Time for another race report! This early summer has been keeping us busy heading out to see my gorgeous hubby race throughout the area. We've had some awesome results along with some that didn't meet up to our hopes. But the weather has been amazing here in Colorado, so it always seems to be a good time to head outside for the events!!

June 1st must have really motivated Mr. Erickson to get a good result at the finish line. Racing at the site of his weekly training schedule's sprints, we were once again on some home turf. A morning crit race was also favorable for us, finally able to get up and out the door instead of waiting around until the afternoon. He looked comfortable and confident and on the last lap, he led the group to the line on the final straight-away!! Two racers came around him just before they crossed the finish line, but he got his first Colorado podium! Not to mention, some more upgrade points as a Cat 3. One more step closer...

The North Boulder Park Classic race proved to be another challenge this year. An extremely difficult course and several racers at their peak performance made for a difficult day. I watched three specific racers (all of them almost at the Cat 2 level) walk away with the podium positions, lapping almost the entire Cat 3 field. I stood there crossing my fingers that those racers would be applying for their upgrade status soon!

One of my favorite events so far in Colorado was the Louisville Masters Crit Championship race, sponsored by the Sonic Boom team and Lucky Pie Pizzas. The course start/finish was set up on Main Street in downtown Louisville, and spectators were able to sit out on the various restaurant and bar patios to watch and cheer on the racers. This is one race that I would love to bring family and friends to see. The atmosphere was upbeat and fun for everyone, and it never hurts to be able to sit at a picnic table with a beer, while watching some experts show us how lazy we are!! haha

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