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Freiburg: Germany Day One

I spent a long couple of days traveling to get to Germany today. Eleven hours flying and three hours on a train made up the bulk of the two days, and now I'm eight hours ahead of home, trying to get accustomed to the new time zone as quickly as possible.

Once we arrived in Freiburg, we ventured out for an easy evening on the town. Most of the shops were closed on a Sunday, but we were able to find some traditional German food and some amazing sights. It seems kind of surreal to be here, always having heard stories of this country from my family members who traveled here before. The little villages look exactly like all the pictures I've always seen, so what I have below doesn't really do it justice... But it's really exciting to see up close and personal today.

The only bad part about being here to finally see some of these buildings and churches in person is that I'm sorely missing the one person I've wanted to do this with for a long time. Hubby and I really need to get Europe on the books for a trip soon. If these small little Southwestern German towns look so cool, I can only imagine what the bigger destinations are like. Maybe we can figure that out soon, together. <3

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