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Home Office: Days 1 and 2

My project for the days I have off this holiday week was to finish my home office. There are stacks of books and file folders all over our guest bedroom, temporarily waiting to be put away until I had my office in a good place. And now that the snow is starting to come down in Colorado, we need that guest bedroom back! Our grand plan is to turn it into a rec room, so that we can use it more than just two or three times a year. We'll soon be on the look-out for a sleeper sofa that will be comfortable when our guests do come, but it will mostly be the home for our trainers and our older entertainment center. I'm excited to get both rooms to a functional place, so I got started as soon as I could.

Before I started, the room was pretty bland. Beige carpet, cream colored walls, white doors, white and wood furniture. It was functioning just fine for me, a decent space for me to work my multiple jobs and it was also serving as our exercise room.

Day one was mostly just a prep day. I took apart all of the furniture, getting them ready for a face-lift. I then taped off the room, ready for painting. It honestly took most of my time just to move all of the small items out of the room, but it was ready to go!

Day 2 was the day for painting the walls. I found a pretty colonial blue color that I wanted to use as the base color and got to work in the morning. Four hours and a gallon of paint later, I had blue walls and the biggest task checked off the list!

Day number 3 is going to be some touch-up work on the walls, and then I'm not quite sure which part I want to do next... I'd wanted to start painting some of the bookcases, but I need to make a trip to the store for some different paint. And with the arrival of a Colorado snow storm, I think I might need to change that plan a little. More updates to come soon!

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