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LA Wedding Weekend

The hubs and I had a great opportunity to see each other this past weekend, as we were heading to LA for a family wedding. The entire Erickson clan was heading out this way for the event, and I was very happy to be seeing some familiar faces again so soon. :)

We had so much fun getting the chance to catch up and play with our adorable niece for 4 days together. She is one of the most lively kids I've ever been around, and has more personality than most adults I know! haha She was the life of the party every night and kept us all entertained. She is fearless at swimming, so we took advantage of the pool and had some memorable afternoons these last few days. Hopefully we'll get to start setting up some Skype dates with her as she learns new words and tricks every day!

The wedding was beautiful, although very warm outside. We were provided with sunbrellas and fans through the ceremony, which was clutch. Refreshments were ready for us as we all walked up to the reception, and were welcomed into the shade of the giant tent. We danced and goofed off in the photo booth together throughout the evening. It was really a great party!

We spent Monday lazing around and heading out to the beach for some ocean swimming. Our niece marked a momentous summer by sticking her feet in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans! We were all trying to remember if we'd ever done that, let alone before we were two! haha This morning, we all headed our separate ways and I had to kiss the hubs good-bye again. It will only be a couple more weeks until we see each other again, so I think we can do it! Can't wait for the 12th already though!!

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