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Lifetime Sprint Triathlon: June 13th, 2015

My first triathlon of the year turned out with great results. Last year, I finished my Sprint in 2 hours and 15 minutes, so this year, I'd set two goals: 1) Beat my time from last year (at least); 2) Finish the race under 2 hours. I'm proud to report that my finishing time was 1:56:30!! I had a very slow swim and first transition, but by time I got on the bike, I was cranking through the rest of the race. I felt amazing on my ride, and strong during my run.

I'm looking toward my next race at the end of July, which is twice the distance in each discipline. I need to get in some more regular swims at the reservoir, and get in some longer rides and runs. I feel that the biggest challenge is going to be getting accustomed to the heat of the summer. The high heat is killing me on the long workouts, but this happens every year... I'll get used to it soon, and then we'll be back on track!

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