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Looking Back on a Year of Travel

This year has turned out to be a constant stream of travel for me:

  • Mid Last November - Guangzhou, China for work for 8 days

  • Late Last December - Cancun, Mexico for vacation for 7 days

  • Early February - Mexico City and Xalapa, Mexico for work for 4 days

  • Middle March - Ohio and Kentucy to visit family and meet my new nephew for 6 days

  • Early June - San Salvador, El Salvador for work for 6 days

  • Late June - Treviso and Venice, Italy for work for 6 days

  • Early July - Ohio for my cousin's wedding for 2 days

  • Middle July - Shanghai and Guangzhou, China + Hong Kong + Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia for work for 11 days

  • Late August - West Point, New York to visit friends and nephews for 4 days

  • Early September - North Carolina for continued education for work for 4 days

  • Late September - Rome, Capri and Naples, Italy for vacation for 10 days

Coming up, I'm already planning an "around the world" trip for work, including both El Salvador and Italy again before heading back home. And there have been several back and forth trips and a couple long layovers in Colorado sprinkled in there, too. It's safe to say that I'm feeling a little maxed out on the travel front. But the experiences, food and friends that you find along the way are always a perk.

The tough part about all of the back and forth everywhere is that it makes your time more precious than usual. Downtime becomes much needed recuperation time. So instead of recapping all of the trips in detail for you here, I'll just post up some of the best photos from the year.

Holidays in Hong Kong for work, 2016

Mexico for Vacation, 2016

Visiting Family, 2017

El Salvador for Work, 2017

Northern Italy for Work, 2017

Shanghai for Work, 2017

Hong Kong, 2017

Indonesia for Work and Bucket List Day on Bali, 2017

West Point to Visit Friends, 2017

Southern Italy for Vacation, 2017

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