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Moved and Settling In

It's been a while since I wrote an update on our move and new life out here in California. The contract we had on our house fell through due to one of the buyers unexpectedly losing their job. But we got another offer that same evening, and we finally closed on the sale of our house on September 30th. The hubs and I finally took some time to celebrate after all the paperwork was signed. It was a huge weight off our shoulders to not be worrying about our house back in Colorado.

About two weeks prior to the closing on our house, I flew home to pack up the hubs, the house and anything else we could fit into three suitcases. We flew back out to San Jose while all our belongings took the journey via giant moving truck. The moving company we worked with in Colorado was horrible. Out of the 8 moves we've done together in the last 9 years, I would rank this one as the worst. Our belongings arrived broken and in disrepair. I am in the middle of an insurance claim with the moving company right now, and hope they don't give us any more trouble.

Despite the frustrating move, we've been able to unpack all of the boxes and get most items unpacked in our new apartment. We lost about 1200 square feet of space moving from the house to this apartment, so it's been a creative challenge, trying to figure out where to put everything. Luckily, we did a good job purging unneeded items before we moved, and I think we're going to feel fully settled before the holidays.

The new job is still going really well. The caliber of people I work with are amazing. They challenge me to think in new ways about our industry every day, and it keeps me on my toes. I'm already involved in four major company initiatives, and I'm so excited to see them come to life in the next year or so. In the meantime, riders sponsored by Specialized just dominated at the cycling world championships, and we got to watch every race this past week on tv. You should have seen us yelling in excitement at the racers this afternoon, watching the recording of the pro men's race. So much fun!!

I'll try to do better to start re-posting on a regular basis again. Things are getting back to normal day by day. I spent this Saturday morning back at the farmer's market finally, and got back into the habit of chopping up veggies all morning for two weeks' worth of pre-made salads. So delicious with the fresh, organic produce I found! We are making Spaghetti Carbonara tonight, we made Chipotle Pork tacos and Meatballs last week, and cooking again feels so good. I'm pretty sure if I can just find the time to hang some pictures, we'll start to feel at home soon.

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