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Moving in Together

My husband and I were acquaintances within a shared group of friends for years before we ever started dating. His best friend and roommate in college dated my best friend and roommate (they are also still together today!), so we were always at the same parties as each other for years. Throughout those years, he either had a girlfriend or I had a boyfriend at any given time, so although we knew each other, it was never more than surface-level interactions.

In our final year together at the University of Cincinnati, we randomly ended up in a class together. Dr. Ngo's "The Theory of Knots" class was an honors elective that both of us had chosen to take for our individual nerdy reasons. It was the first time both of us were single at the same time and we slowly started to wonder if a closer friendship between us would be nice.

Not long after we graduated, a couple more of our mutual friends were getting married, and we both showed up to the event unattached. We spent a lot of time together that evening, and ended up exchanging numbers to be able to talk more often.

It started with texting every day.

It quickly turned into phone calls every evening after work.

Soon, we were visiting each other (I was in Columbus, OH while he was still in Cincinnati) every other weekend to spend time with each other in person.

It's probably an understatement to say that we decided to move in with each other a little fast. That wedding was in July of 2007. We decided that he should move up to Columbus to move in with me in October of 2007. The long distance logistics were a pain, and both of our no-nonsense personalities didn't have the patience to keep driving back and forth all the time. So we made a quick decision and he moved into my place with me and my dog just a few weeks later!

I wanted to start with this story, as it's the foundation of our nomadic relationship. We make living decisions quickly and then execute our plans. In 15 years since we started dating, we've moved together 11 different times across 4 states. We might have our 12th move coming up in 2023... Each of our moves has helped me to hone in on a process and ideal scenario for moving, and I now hope to share that with all of you through my blog and newsletters.

Stay tuned each week as I relay the story of all our adventures across the country to read my tips and tricks and apply them to your own future moves!

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