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My New Training Buddy?

In the last 13 months, the hubs has had some serious set-backs in his race season:

July 2014 - Crash at the Longmont Crit - Broken Collarbone - Out 6 weeks

March 2015 - Crash at the CSU Crit - Road Rash - Back on the Bike Next Day

May 2015 - Crash at Koppenberg Crit - Stitches in Right Shin & Broken Bike - Out 5 weeks

August 2015 - Crash at Littleton Crit - Broken Radius at the Wrist - Out TBD

With all the turmoil and trouble that has been seen in the Cat 3 field this year, it seems to be time to make an official call. Option number one is to continue with bike racing, but focus only on the year's road races. There's usually less of an issue out on the road courses, as opposed to the fast, sharp turns we see in the crit races. Option number two is to make the switch into the world of triathlon. Both options present their own sets of challenges, so we'll see where he decides to take himself in the next year. I personally think he'd be amazing in triathlon, and I'd love to have a training buddy who can help to keep me motivated to train for three different sports all the time.

In the meantime, he's in a wrist brace, and nurses his road rash every day. (I swear, I should have invested in Tagaderm a year ago!) I hate it that this kind of routine has become almost normal for us, so I'll be happy to see a healthy husband at home for more than nine months at a time. But it's also sad to think that we might be done with the road racing scene for a while. It has become a way of life, and I really enjoyed the community of it all. Maybe we'll re-visit when he's old enough to join the masters' races - less inexperience in the field and less ambition to get to the next level right away. Until then, here's hoping that we are DONE with all these injuries!

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