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New Year's Resolutions

Throughout 2022 I learned all about the levels of ambition and tenacity that I’m willing to put into my work. The dreams and goals that I set tend to be gigantic, and I get really excited to start on small parts of every future project on my list.

My business consulting company, Unmarked Street, met and exceeded its annual revenue goal in the third quarter of the year. We are now picking apart the financial details of our first full year to figure out how to improve and continue growing in 2023.

The success that we saw by working directly with our amazing clients allowed us to start planting the seeds of two additional business dreams of mine. RTQ Apparel is a Travel Apparel line that is built from the travel “uniform” that I wear whenever I fly. Development of the first two pieces from concept design to full approval was funded by Unmarked Street in 2022 and we’ll be opening up a new, separate business entity in early 2023 to launch our website and start selling. On top of that, Unmarked Street funded my quest to acquire my California real estate license. It took me 6 months to do my classes and another 2 months to study for the exam, but I did pass and receive my license in October.

As I move forward into 2023, my New Year’s Resolution is going to learn how to slow down. For the first time in my life and in my career, it is very clear to me why it’s important to take on less to focus more. Launching a new apparel brand is a huge endeavor, and I need to be concentrated on it just as much as I am on delivering above and beyond for my clients. My real estate license is going to be put to good use to help us move in 2023 as well, but I need to practice patience on fully diving into that world.

I’ve learned that I have a truly entrepreneurial spirit. I have dreams to write a book, start a podcast, expand the apparel line, open an apparel fit studio, help my husband start a photography business and open a bakery / brewpub that sells our very own beers and recipes in our city. Plans are on paper for all of it, but I can’t keep trying to take on little parts of all these varying dreams at one time.

Looking for long term success is the right way to move forward. I had a mentor of mine tell me recently that all big businesses take 10 years to become an overnight success, and that I just have 9 years to go! It’s time to lean into that thought, practice slowing down, enjoying life, success and focus properly on what’s happening now. So if you see me going off the rails this year, feel free to remind me that slow and steady is the plan.

Happy New Year to all of you who are reading this blog. I am eternally grateful for the community we are building together, and I cannot wait to see where we end up this time next year!

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