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One Day in Bangkok

During our travels these last two weeks, I had a day to explore Bangkok, Thailand. My co-workers and I spent the morning on a private boat tour (all of $40 USD for the three of us) and then walking around the main streets of the river bank area.

We also took some time to explore Wat Pho, which is also known as the Palace of the Reclining Buddha. The main statue inside is humongous, plated all in gold.

The weather was hot, and all of the locals kept reminding us that we were visiting during the hottest season of the year. It was 90 degrees outside with the humidity cranked up super high! As we explored the city, we would jump into any of the stores that were air conditioned for a bit of relief!!

The street vendors sold anything from t-shirts to "fresh" fish right off of their carts. The smells and the heat and several choppy boat rides had me a little weak at the knees by lunch-time. We'd been working 14-18 hour days for a week already, and I think my body was just completely spent. We headed back to the hotel for lunch and I split off from the group to take it easy for a few hours and hope to feel better for a real Thai food dinner!!

We found a small restaurant within walking distance from our hotel, that was considered the "tourist's restaurant." It was apparently a little more friendly on the strong spices and choices that we might be more used to. And the experience turned out great. We really loved this restaurant, and the Thai food was out of this world! I had some Tom Ka Gai (chicken coconut broth soup) before my entree of Shrimp Pad Thai. We topped it off with Sticky Mango Rice with Coconut Ice Cream for dessert. Yum! I stuffed myself to the brim, and was sad that I only got to eat one Thai meal during my trip. But I guess that means I'll just have to go back some day!

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