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Our First Colorado Snow

This morning made me feel very at home, here in Colorado. We went to bed with the bitter cold rain thinking about turning into a small flurry, and woke up with a fresh white blanket of snow on the ground. Snow for Halloween reminds me of years when my mom dressed me with two full layers under my princess costume / recycled dance recital outfit. And then there was a full coat, snow boots, mittens and scarf on top of that. I guess I was meant to be a snow princess??

The best part is that most (not all - it's never all) of the Colorado drivers this morning were pretty darn good in the snow! When I was learning to drive, there was snow and ice all over the ground. So I can appreciate drivers with a knowledge of how to handle weather like this morning's. Quite an improvement from days when Texas drivers would slow to 15 mph at the site of a rain cloud...

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