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Our New Baby

This past month, we said goodbye to the Nissan Rogue that carried us from Ohio to Texas and from Texas to Colorado. The Smurf-Mobile was struggling over the last few months, and it was time to get ourselves a little upgrade.

The new car has provided a whole new set of adventures for me because every day, I challenge myself to drive a manual 6-speed: something I have never really done before. Sure, I knew how to drive my roommate's car back in college, just in case it was necessary for me to get us home after being at the bars. And I suppose the years of mowing my grandparents' multi-acre farm on a tractor are cemented in my brain somewhere. But taking this gorgeous car out on the road, not exactly sure how I'm going to treat her each day, makes me a little nervous. I am as nice as possible, but some of the shifting is not quite there yet. I know I'll learn fast, and I also know that I will LOVE it once I get the hang of it. But it's almost like being 15 years old all over again, just trying to make it to and from my destination without any major issues.

My solace lies in the fact that it is for sure one of the nicest things I have ever owned. Whenever I'm walking away from it in the parking lot, I can't help but turn to look at it over my shoulder multiple times. Beautiful!

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