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Playing in the Dirt

We've been in our new house now for 9 months, and the Coastal Spring weather is calling me outside every chance that I can get. So we've slowly been taking on the outdoor spaces, trying to make them feel like home, feel like ours, and look nice. It's been super frustrating that the builders who finished our home didn't take any care in dealing with the landscaping or finishing touches on the house, so a lot of it needs to be re-done. I've been tackling the gardening a little at a time each weekend for the last month or so, and it's starting to come along.

I started with a few new plants that felt more like "me," and they've already been growing and flowering. When I get home from work in the evenings, the sun is still nice and warm out in the yard, and it's a calming task to go out and water the plants. What I should have done though was to clean up the plants that were ugly, overgrown and misplaced all around the yard in the first place. So that's what I did today. I pulled up 7 giant bushes that looked more like weeds than anything else, and it's finally making the area look less like an overgrown mess.

The issue now is that those weedy-looking bushes took up a lot of space, so now the beds look oddly placed and sparse. So that will be my project next weekend. Once all of that looks good, I have 10 giant bags of mulch sitting in the garage, ready to go. It should come together soon. <3

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