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We had our electrical walk-through at the house this past Thursday. I was kind of amazed to see how far along the interior of the house was, since we hadn't been inside yet at all. The rooms are all framed out, and you can start to visualize how all of our furniture and belongings are going to fit into the spaces. It made the move feel so much more real than it has been yet, and now we're getting back into our good old "moving mode" that we know so well. I think we have a really solid budget plan worked out, and once we get an exact closing date, we should be able to figure out a moving and decorating schedule pretty easily.

On top of that, we have seen some great improvement with the hubby's collarbone these last couple of weeks. His second x-ray last Wednesday revealed that the bone is already coming together nicely, and everything is aligned properly so far. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to sit around in a sling all day long, but we're counting down only 11 days left of that torture. And then we should be able to start some range of motion exercises, and get him back on the trainer at least... In the mean time, we're already talking about race plans for 2015, and I'm trying to seed some ideas for a destination race as our ultimate goal. 2015 Cozumel IronMan 70.3 anybody??

The new job is amazing. I love my new team, working with people who share the same life passions and crazy athletic schedule that I live by each day. I'm not only allowed, but I'm encouraged to go out at lunch every day for a 5k run or a bike ride. Honestly, if I'm sitting at my desk between the hours of 12:00-1:30pm, I'm pretty much the only one NOT working out. It's made my training schedule so much easier, and the motivation I'm picking up from the team is beyond anything I've ever known. I can't wait to be decked out in Pearl Izumi gear at my half marathon in October, representing this company that has already given me so much!

It feels really surreal living the life that we've been striving for since we got married four years ago. A lot of our dreams are coming to life, and I keep pinching myself at how good it all feels. With goals and expectations being met at age 30, it leaves so much potential for bigger and better dreams to follow...

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