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Second Trip to Asia

I spent this last week back in the Heshan area of China for work. We had some big initiatives to work though with our factory team, and ended up coming home with some amazing results! It was a fast turn-around this time, there and back within a week, and now I'm working through the struggle to get back on Mountain Standard time... Hopefully I've learned a little something from last time, and it won't take as long to adjust.

We took the dreamliner directly from Denver to Tokyo, where we had some amazing, authentic Japanese sushi for dinner.

It always blows my mind how, no matter where I go, there seems to be someone or something from Ohio. On my last trip, I was eating dinner in a little restaurant down the street from our hotel in Heshan. Across the way from me at a table with his business partners was a man in bright red Ohio State University shirt! Small world... This trip, I found this shirt in a local apparel store. So funny.

Dinner one night featured a chef, twisting and pounding out long, skinny noodles from a single ball of dough. I've seen this done on the food network before, but it was another experience to see it in person! You can tell in the picture that I was standing there with a bunch of little kids, being entertained. haha

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