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September Already!?!?

I have no idea how the time flew from July to September so quickly. Work has been more hectic than ever, but my hard work is paying off with rewards and results at the office. The hubs and I have been seeing less of each other as the careers are taking over the front seat, requiring a lot of overtime hours. I see a light at the end of the tunnel though, and I think we may be through the worst of it.

The past few months have been a challenge for the biking and the running as well. Whenever we DID have time to get out for a workout, we found that some obstacles were going to get in our way. My husband got hit by a car, while riding his bicycle near Boulder in July. Luckily, the man stopped and gave his insurance information so that the bike and the destroyed bike gear could all be replaced. I don't know how we got even luckier, and hubby only came home with some nasty road rash and bruising. No hospital trips required. Unfortunately, it took the bike store a month to fix the bike, and it really did put a damper on the race season that was ramping up so well. A huge disappointment, but there wasn't much we could do, other than start to look forward to the season next year.

I ended up with an annoying case of Runner's Knee throughout July and August. While trying to train for my half marathon, I had to pull it back and start over at square one. I'm back up to some longer miles, but not even close to the 13.1 that I would need for the event. So I revised my registration to the 5 Mile race instead, and will hopefully get to run it within the next couple of weeks...

Unless all this rain has anything to say about it. The Boulder flooding has already postponed my run, and if they delay it more than a week, I will probably have to cancel. October is going to be packed, so I'm crossing my fingers that the race will happen on the 28th or 29th of September. Here's hoping!

Right now, we are counting down the days to our next beach vacation. After the past few months, we are going to need it! It can't come soon enough...

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