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Summer Community Garage Sale

This weekend was my first experience in garage sales. I spent the last few weeks gathering items to sell, putting a price tag on everything and getting organized. I'd read a lot of blogs and posts on how to have a successful garage sale, and I have to say that the advice out there is pretty spot on!

All of my garments were hung, and had its own cute little price tag. We put signs out on the street, and I made some signs for individual items. I had plenty of cash on hand for change and settled in for a long couple of days.

Unfortunately, we did not get a lot of traffic on our street. I sold a few items and we did end up making a small amount of money in profit (after taking out what I spent on signs, stickers, tags, bags and pins). I think I'll actually take my big $30 gain to Target later and get some storage bins. I'll store everything that I didn't sell in the bins, and maybe try again later this year. I'm convinced that the super hot weather was luring people to the trails, campgrounds and pools - not garage sale buying. So maybe this Fall, when the weather isn't so hot, we'll have better success?

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