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The Cruiser

Our second day in Colorado, my husband took me down to the University Bike Shop in downtown Boulder to get a cruiser bike. I had wonderful intentions of using the cruiser for all of my local errands: grocery shopping, going to the gym, getting to the running trail, going to the local mall, going to local restaurants, etc. In the last month, I've found out that: 1) the closest grocery store is a bit small, so I've had to seek out another one where the shopping is a bit better. This unfortunately means that I can't make it out there on my bike. 2) My new gym is practically in my front yard. It's easier to walk than to get the bike prepped, ride the three minutes there, chain it up, and then go work out. 3) The closest running trail requires a more sophisticated piece of cycling equipment to get there. Over a mile of rolling hills from our apartment, I can't make it there with my cruiser's three gears. 4) So far, I've had a hard time convincing the bubs to ride to the mall or the restaurants with me. Coach has him working so hard every afternoon, that by time we go out to do those things, he doesn't want to think about getting back on the bike.

Alas, I regret to inform that my first outing on my cruiser was just this past Saturday morning. I was sick of it just sitting in the apartment, so I ignored the quality of the local grocery store, and took a ride over there for my weekly trip. I brought four bags with me, and figured I could put two of them in the basket, and two of them on my back to ride home with the food. Unfortunately, our list was just a little too long, and I ended up with a straggling bag on my right forearm for the entire ride home. Needless to say, the ride was a little wobbly. But I made it!

Now that the inaugural ride has been completed, I hope to find more excuses to get on the cruiser. It is so much fun to ride. Almost as fun as it is to look at!

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