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US Pro Challenge 2014 - Colorado Springs Stage

My new job has already had its major perks, and one of them was getting the chance to work and get up close during one of the US Pro Challenge stages this year. I asked the hubs to take a day off with me to travel down to the Colorado Springs stage on Thursday. I helped to set up and work the retail booth at the race Expo, and he got the chance to see an inside view of the race. We even got to have lunch in the VIP tent and pretend to be awesome! Lots of pictures and lots of screaming happened throughout the day. I lost my voice cheering for Jens on one of his last days racing and for TeeJay leading the race. Maybe next year I'll have the guys to sneak into the green room and mingle with the racers themselves! haha

I apologize for some grainy pictures... I may or may not have been jumping up and down.

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