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Welcome to Colorado

I have officially decided to take over the maintenance of our shared page for a while. Since our K.R.E.Design endeavors came to a halt a while ago, it only seemed appropriate to update the blog itself. I'll try to encourage the hubby to add some new posts every once in a while, too. But it's hard to tear him off of his bike these days.

So - we have finally made our way to Colorado! After years of pining away for the mountain views, cycling scene, and crisp air of Denver, we finally snagged some local jobs and got ourselves out of Texas. After two weeks, two moving trucks, and a car-full of belongings, we have finally settled into a small apartment in Broomfield. The apartment complex is close to a ton of restaurants and stores, and the hubs is only a 20 minute bike ride from the mountains. We love the area, and hope to stay in Broomfield for many years to come.

As a short update on what's to come:

1. My husband started racing his road bike in the winter of 2012. He became a Cat 3 racer within the first 6 months, and now the racing season is winding down. I only saw him race once in Colorado, and can't wait for next year's season to begin. I will be sure to keep up with race updates and pictures as we go.

2. I have a new job, working for a western-wear apparel company in Westminster, CO. The company sponsors several events every year, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on anything exciting.

3. We both have brand new TREK mountain bikes! We've already taken them for a trail ride, and I'm sure there will be many more to come. So. Much. Fun.

4. News to come as I train for my first 5K, and hope to step up my game with some other individual races this upcoming year. Encouragement welcomed!

As we like to say to each other every day, as we look at views like this: "Yes, we live here now."

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