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Bolder Boulder 10K

Boulder, Colorado sees tens of thousands of people every Memorial Day weekend for their Bolder Boulder 10K. It was a perfect goal to keep my training on track and keep up with the running regimen through the winter and spring months.

50,000 people were signed up for the 2013 race, with waves starting at 7:00am. I was in a qualified heat, so the gun went off for me at 7:27, and I immediately watched everyone around me sprint ahead! Knowing that I would need to pace myself, I kept up my own snail's pace and eventually started passing most of those same people when they started walking. Throughout the run, we passed live bands playing on the sidewalks, barbecue parties starting on front lawns, and even a couple of frat parties with keg stands and all. It was definitely an event worth attending, and we will be back next year.

I had finished the Yeti Chase in January with 1:08:00 on the clock, and I really wanted to beat that time. But Boulder's rolling hills and the hot sun kicked my butt! I ended up finishing 43 seconds slower than that goal, but this just gives me something to continue working toward for 2014!!

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