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Bring It On, 2022!!

2021 turned out to be a big year for me, starting my own business and making such a drastic change in my career. I'm so excited to dig deeper into the work in this coming year, and see where it all takes me. I'm 60 days into this new job and it is already going better than I could have expected.

Looking back on the year in photos, we spent a lot of time cooking, riding and spending days with our nieces and nephews. I can only hope for more of that (and them some!) in the coming year ahead. <3

We spent the last weekend practicing our New Year's traditions: steaks and potatoes on New Year's Eve and a valiant attempt to stay awake until midnight. We actually made it this year, gave each other a celebratory kiss and went straight to sleep.

On New Year's Day, we tried a new pork recipe: Korean Spicy Pork with rice and I of course added sauerkraut for good luck. It's one of the first times I can remember the sauerkraut actually adding something to the dish. ha! (My family always believed that pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day would bring you good luck throughout the coming year. For years as a kid, we dreaded the meal and the smell that it made in our house. To this day, I can't quite come to terms with eating the sauerkraut, even though I've learned how to cook it better and it's really not that bad... Funny what smells can remind you of, and make you feel decades after they made their first impression). The meal was really delicious, and I'm thinking we might make this a new tradition for years to come.

Here's a toast to big events ahead in 2022. I'm wishing for more travel, because I miss it so badly. I'm also wishing for success in my new career endeavor and patience to keep learning and improving every day. My New Year's Resolution is to take better care of my eyes. (Sounds like something an old person would come up with... yes). I need to be better about wearing my glasses when in front of the computer, so I'm trying to make it a bigger goal and habit.

Happy New Year to you all! x

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