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Pizza (almost!) Perfection

We have been working to make the perfect homemade pizzas in our house for a long time now. I've bought several cook books from renowned pizza makers throughout the world. We watch documentaries on making pizza and read anything we can to gain more tips and tricks on improving our recipe. We've struggled with sticky doughs, tough doughs, doughs that didn't rise correctly and doughs that just plain tasted bad. We've experimented with so many toppings and sauces as well. It has been an adventure, and I have to admit that it's allowed us to eat a lot of good if not sometimes really good pizza at home.

I have to tell you though - we are finally so close to getting this recipe exactly right! After getting a hold of Marc Vetri's "Mastering Pizza" book, it opened our minds to better understand how heat and moisture play a huge part in any home pizza making technique. We've adjusted our flour to yeast to water ratios accordingly, and it's producing some of the best pizza I've ever eaten in my life.

The areas where we have toppings could honestly not be better. We now make our own sauce and stick to simple ingredients. Prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese are all we include any more. It's those last three bites at the end of each slice where you're just eating the crust that needs the last push from us. Don't get me wrong! The crust is very, very good. But it's missing something... Some pop of flavor that makes those last three bites just as delicious as the rest of the pie is what we need.

Experimenting will continue. Small improvements over time will hopefully get us to that perfect last three bites. I think we're going to see if a true sourdough starter would help when we do this next, to bring a bit of funk to the crust. Here's hoping that does the trick!

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