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Clearing the Path

I am a big believer in all the ways that feng shui can enhance your life. I rearrange items around our house for luck, love and prosperity all the time and this past Saturday, it was time to usher in some new opportunities for my business... so I did a big front yard clean up session. Most importantly, I swept our front path completely clean and shook out the front door mat. Clearing the path for luck to come into our home straight through the front door was my goal. I even asked the universe to send me replies from two clients I've been waiting to hear back from for a while now. (Yes, verbally out loud while I was sweeping).

This morning, I was hoping to see a result from my efforts, and I absolutely did! It wasn't what I was specifically expecting (the universe is playful like that...), so I'll keep sending those requests out into the world for now. But I DID hear from the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals this morning. I applied last week to teach a course on "Armhole Fittings" at their October 2022 conference, and I am one of the finalists to be chosen! They've asked if I can add any more content to the schedule, so I sent over three more course ideas to them this morning. Crossing my fingers that the universe has brought me this amazing teaching opportunity for this year. I'm extremely excited!!!

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