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Little Man's 3rd Birthday

One our favorite boys turned 3 this year, and I was so excited to finally have a munchkin who could send his fairy godmother his very own birthday list!! Among hot dogs, party hats, pigs, cake with lots of sprinkles and flowers,he put on his list that he wanted to receive Valentines this year. I thought this was definitely a new one to me, and his mom explained that he was recently reading a book where the little girl made paper hearts for her animals, and he really liked that. Not only did I love the request, but having another growing bookworm in the family just warms my heart.

So of course, I was more than happy to oblige this wish. After all, what is a fairy godmother for but to grant the wishes that seem too far out there to really come true? (I think we all saw Cinderella, and that turned out pretty good in the end). I made several paper hearts and wrote some Happy Birthday messages to him on them. Better than any card any day!! I can't wait to see what's on his Christmas list now...

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