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Merry Christmas, from the Ericksons

Our nice, long Christmas weekend this year was warmed with a very fun family visit. We spent most of the day on Christmas Eve in the kitchen, nursing a delicious bolognese sauce for dinner. Homemade focaccia bread and my famous sour cream cookies rounded out the rest of the evening's food and the hubs made his now-famous egg nog drinks!

Christmas Morning saw us up at 5:00am to start the fire on our Big Green Egg and we had our pork shoulder on the grates within the hour. Chicken wings followed soon after for lunch, and everything turned out better than ever. The hubby is seriously getting GOOD at cooking on that smoker!

We opened a few gifts Christmas Morning while sipping pumpkin spice lattes that the hubs also made for us. Movie marathons and festive drinks kept us cozy on the couch, waiting for delicious sandwiches and home made french fries.

After several days away from our work computers, enjoying the company of family at our home, we are getting back to emails, postings and chores today. With a container of cookies still half full and some egg nog still left-over in the fridge, it looks like we'll extend our celebrations for one more week while it's slow and many of our co-workers take time off. I am very much looking forward to turning over an entirely new leaf for 2022 though and getting back into a groove.

Until then, Happy New Year and GO BEARCATS!!

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