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Stracciatella Gelato

Since my birthday last year, we've been experimenting with some ice cream recipes in my new ice cream maker. The best so far has been a vanilla extract heavy peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chunks. I kept thinking that I was dreaming when I ate it. Kudos to the hubs, because he was the one who made that delicious batch!

Most recently, we decided to branch out and try a gelato. I got myself confused with a "stracciatella" description I found online, thinking that this ice cream was going to be made from the interior amazing goodness of burrata mozzarella. (Perhaps something we'll still experiment in the future. Doesn't that just sound like heaven from the freezer?!?)

The actual Stracciatella Gelato recipe that we found indeed only called for milk and cream (no mozz), but we wanted to try something different. So we put together all of the ingredients and came to find ourselves short two cups of whole milk. So we substituted with coconut milk. And honestly, it turned out really tasty! It was very coconut forward though. It basically ended up being coconut ice cream with chocolate chunks, but we weren't mad about that!!

Next time, we'll try to have all the correct ingredients, so we can taste what a stracciatella is supposed to taste like... but in the meantime, we may have discovered a very happy accident!

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