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Cauliflower "Cream" Sauce Pasta

I'll admit that I gave up on my resolution last week. I was sick and tired of making crappy meals that we didn't really like, and we didn't really want to eat. So last week, I didn't attempt to make a vegan dish. Instead, we went out and celebrated Valentine's Day with a beer and a cheeseburger. Epic fail for someone trying to embrace any kind of vegan lifestyle...

I had four days worth of undesirable, mushy vegan enchiladas in the fridge, and I was taking them to work with me for lunches last week. On the final day of trying to get rid of this stuff, I found myself in the kitchen at work with a vegetarian, a gluten-free/dairy-free health nut and a true, honest-to-god vegan. As I sat there, complaining about my poor vegan cooking skills, they all chimed in with some words of wisdom, and advice on cookbooks, restaurants, grocery stores and products to try. I'd already read some reviews on a couple of the cookbooks, and after their pep talk, I decided to buy, "Thug Kitchen." I'd heard about this book in several circles already, and even had it sitting in my Amazon shopping cart, ready to buy. For some reason, I just hadn't had the courage to pull the trigger on it yet.

Yesterday, I picked out two new recipes from this book and I made Carrot Cake Cookies to eat for dessert after our Cauliflower "Cream" Pasta Sauce over Veggie Noodles. I really couldn't have been happier. The use of our ridiculously powerful new blender and a mix of better spices and flavors really turned out some good dishes. I did spend a LONG time shredding carrots as small as possible so that the hubs would actually eat the cookies, but it all turned out delicious.

Today, I am simmering a two-potato vindaloo on the stove, and it already smells amazing. I thought it would be good to spice things up for lunch this week, to make up for last week...

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