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Chili Bread Bowls

Coming from the mid-west, it's probably a crime that I'd never cooked chili prior to two weeks ago. But it made for the perfect weekend cooking project when the hubs said how good it sounded to have a big old bread bowl full of spicy chili.

In my search for a recipe, I found dozens of "best chili ever" recipes on the internet. So I decided to take some of the best parts of each recipe to make ours. I ended up cooking some steak, ground beef and bacon into a habanero, poblano and jalapeno pepper mixture. The smell of the chili in the kitchen all afternoon was amazing, and we ended up with some great left overs!

Although they turned out more square than round, I made home-made bread bowls in our bread maker. And despite the super simple ingredients, the fresh bread really made this meal what it was.

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