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Last night, we took our love for burritos to the next level. With my parents in town visiting, we thought that it would be best to pick one of our most consistently successful recipes, and turn it up a notch to make it new. So we slow cooked some chicken all day, and added it to some fresh chorizo we'd picked up at the farmer's market yesterday morning. Some of us added beans and onions, and we threw together a pretty standard (but delicious) burrito. Then, we fried them. Voila, chimichanga! A little sauce on top and rice on the side made for a fantastic dinner at home.

They were very delicious, but filling. We ended up with more leftovers than I was anticipating, but that just leaves us more options for delicious meals later this week. I've really enjoyed starting to cook for people, and this was a big success. Hooray!

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