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Christmas Cookie Day!

I received word from both my parents and my sister that today was the day to do our annual Christmas Cookie decorating. Years ago, this all used to happen under one roof. But after my sister and I moved out and started our own little families, we now have three instances of the messy, time-consuming, but delicious tradition.

The husband actually has a Christmas Cookie Day dance, which always makes me laugh. I guess that's what happens when we make his favorite sweet treat only once a year. They turned out tasting weird last year, so I'm happy to report that they are back to their wonderful selves this year.

Happy Christmas Cookie Eating!!

After most of the dough is used up, there always ends up being one mis-shapen weird cookie at the end. Luckily for me, this is the husband's favorite part. Monster cookie with all of the left-over sprinkles on top!

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