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Happy Birthday to Me!

For my 31st Birthday this year, I decided to come up with the ultimate cheeseburger meal to celebrate. I started the day with a slow cooked pork shoulder, which I planned as the perfect BBQ topping to my concoction.

Once the pork had started cooking, I moved over to bake a peanut butter cheesecake. My original intentions were to create a beautiful looking pie, when I realized that I don't have a full-sized springform baking pan. So I had to improvise a little bit... I'd purchased mini springform pans a while back, so I started with those. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all of the batter into them (and I over-filled them as it was, because they rose a little too high and cracked in the end anyway). From there, I went to the cupcake pans.

Over-all, the cheesecakes came out VERY tasty. And best of all, we didn't feel like we needed to plow through an entire cheesecake this past week. Instead, I could keep the smaller versions in tupperware in the fridge, and we have been sporadically enjoying them in the evenings for dessert.

I probably could have counted the peanut butter cheesecakes as my new recipe for the weekend, but I have made other kinds of cheesecake in the past, so I wanted to find something else, too. Naturally, I decided to make home-made, fresh french fries to go with our ultimate burgers! They were delicious, double fried french fries. They turned out better than I could have guessed, so I was happy that we tried this recipe!

The burger consisted of a lean beef patty, white american cheese, BBQ pulled pork, hickory smoked bacon and a fried egg. Between this amazing sandwich, the fresh fries and cheesecake dessert, it was definitely a fantastic Birthday dinner!

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