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Pad Thai with Crab

Coming across this recipe, I realized that I hadn't eaten Pad Thai since I lived in New York (when I ate it probably every week). There were two different amazing Thai restaurants in our Brooklyn neighborhood, and we liked to alternate which one we went to each week. I'm not really sure why or how I managed not to eat it in so long, but I figured it was time to bring it back into my life.

In a ridiculous splurge purchase at the grocery store a couple days earlier (think stomach growling while roaming the aisles, when everything looks delicious), I'd bought a bag of pre-cracked crab legs. So instead of the traditional shrimp, I thought the crab would be a perfect way to make this dish a little different.

I wasn't sure if the hubs would be happy with this meal, but I was really glad to find that he devoured every bite of his dish! Getting all the crab meat out of the shells was definitely a process, but it was worth it. The crab was sweet and tender, and the dish was so amazing. I plan to make this one again, for sure.

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