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Parmesan Risotto

After a couple weekends of traveling and racing, I was finally able to get back in the kitchen last weekend for another new recipe experiment! All year, I'd been eyeing the idea of making a risotto. Whenever we watch our cooking shows, risotto seems like one of those challenging dishes to really master and do correctly.

So last weekend, we tried a recipe for Parmesan Risotto, and paired it with some simple salmon. The cooking process for risotto requires a good amount of attention. You can't really walk away and let it just "cook." There is a lot of consistent stirring and ingredient adding in order to do it right...

Luckily, I think we really did a pretty good job! Whenever my arm got tired, I'd switch out with the hubby and vice versa. haha We ended up with a creamy, tasty result that I was really happy with! Even more so, I think I was so happy to have tackled one of the recipes I was targeting for the year and found it to be successful. It makes me excited to try the next challenge!!

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