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Sourdough Bread: Second Loaf

This week, our Starter looked much more healthy than it did last week. It was bubbling and growing the night before we made our dough, and had a much better smell to it. That was the first big improvement.

Because our loaf was a little under-proofed last week, we ended up over-compensating the opposite way. We kept the dough in too warm of a place for too long, and it ended up over-proofing this week. It rose beautifully every time we let it rest, and we were thinking that these were all very good signs. In the end, we learned that when the dough rises like that, it's easy to deflate it and it still comes out "not quite right."

Something else we felt we were missing in both loaves was a more sour flavor. So next week, we're going to try some different kinds of flour, to see if we can get the flavor profile closer to correct.

Notes for this week:

1. Keeping the loaf at room temperature is important, instead of too warm or too cold.

2. Round proofing basket made the loaf maybe more uniform, but it wasn't noticeable.

3. Dark Rye or Wheat Flour should make the bread more sour tasting.

4. White Rice Flour on the surfaces was a much better choice, as it doesn't stick so much.

5. Bake time took about the same 35 minutes as last week.

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