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Thai Soup Night

So I don't usually do this... finish whatever I'm doing/eating/making and then immediately take pictures and fire up the blog. But dinner tonight prompted this kind of reaction. It was one of our "experimental" dinner nights - cooking something we've never attempted before, and we made Thai Chicken and Shrimp Soup.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I felt like Bill Murray in "What About Bob," eating every bite audibly, making "MMmmmm" noises with every spoonful. I've liked Thai food whenever I've had it before, but tonight's meal was really so great because I made it right on our stove! And not only did I like it SO much, but I had another success with the hubby's plate ending up clean, too.

***P.S. I did forget to write anything about last week's dinner success. We made chicken and chorizo paella, and it was delicious as well. We thought it could have maybe used a little more spice, so I think we'll be making it again with a little more experimentation in the cooking. I just love that we're eating meals every week that are so outside of our norm, learning how to use new ingredients, new cooking tools, and widening our palette. This has already been such a great New Year's Resolution, and I hope we don't miss a single weekend this year!

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