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Vegan Lasagna

About 5 years ago, I read the "Skinny Bitch" books, and purchased a cook book to go along with it. Their big idea is that eating animal product is just not good for your body, skin, hair, health, etc, etc, etc. And it was this book that opened my eyes to how bad cow's milk is for us adults to be drinking, and from that time, we have always been on soy, almond or coconut milk.

A couple weeks ago, I pulled out their cook book for some new vegan ideas, and came across their "East Coast Lasagna." It was made with veggie crumbles and a substitute for ricotta cheese that was made with tofu. The idea of this was a pretty good one, but it was (once again) lacking in flavor. It would have been better if we'd gotten into the spice cabinet a little more, and one day we'll actually learn this lesson...

Over-all not too bad, but not the best. I'm starting to notice a trend here though...

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