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Vegan Pasta with "Meat" Sauce

So after the first week trying to cook vegan, we decided to simplify the process a little. Instead of trying to turn a full recipe vegan, we thought we'd just take a simple dish (something we've each been cooking since we were kids) and substitute all ingredients for vegan versions.

There's not much that fits this bill better than pasta and meat sauce. Super simple to boil noodles, and throw them in a pot with some sauce and cooked ground beef, right? So all we really had to do was find a ground beef substitute, and we found some Boca "veggie crumbles" that worked really well! On top of that, I got a Vegan butter substitute, so that we could have a little garlic bread on the side.

While the coconut potato soup we made STILL sits in the fridge, being totally avoided (and probably making its way to the garbage soon), leftovers of this meal were devoured the very next day. The Boca veggie crumbles had the right texture, and adding some spices helped them to gain some of the right flavors, too. This is definitely something we could make and eat again, no problem.

So one successful vegan meal down! One baby step at a time...

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