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Yellow Coconut Curry


This weekend's recipe was delightfully simple to make, in comparison to some others we've had. The recipe I found online required that a Yellow Curry Paste be made a day prior to the actual cooking, so the most time consuming part of the dish was actually all done a day ahead. We're definitely learning that Chicken Thighs are better than Breasts when simmering and stewing the meat, so we'll try that next time. And I couldn't find Coconut Cream at the store, so I went with good old Coconut Milk. Still came out tasting great, but I bet that Cream would have really made it amazing. On a mission to find that somewhere in this city before the next time we do this.


This week was a good one. Not sure what we did that was too different from last week, other than making sure we definitely stopped the proofing process at the exact right time. Still not convinced the 20 minutes we were late last week caused the issue, but I don't know what else it could have been.

We have the texture and color down at this point. Still just searching for that very sour tang... A continued work in progress.


I refused to do this again this weekend. I'm frustrated that it's not as easy as I think it should be (I know that's stupid, but so be it...) Plus, I spent a good portion of the weekend at my work computer, trying to catch up in a single weekend a year's worth of ignored responsibilities by a team member who just left our group. I didn't really have the time to make three rounds of Hollandaise Sauce again. Maybe I'll try again next week. Or maybe I'll find a good brunch place near-by.

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